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Updates #8 60 frame collab 5 released!

2013-04-05 14:24:35 by OakaXXIII

Hey everyone. Updating to let you all know that the 60 frame collab 5 is now up and running -despite some publishing errors popping up at first- on NG! Please watch and vote!

I would like to say it was great collabing with everyone involved in this animation and I highly recommend checking out their other projects. With that said I would finally like to wish them luck with their future projects and would love to work with them again in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

In other news, I've been somewhat absent with animating recently as uni started a few weeks ago for me. However, I have now joined The Sketch Collab 2013 being headed up by TheMAM. Once uni is by, I'll likely be working on this collab solely for awhile so I wouldn't imagine many updates from me anytime soon.

On that note, that's it, so goodbye for now NG and thanks for reading.


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