Entry #3

Updates #11: NG 20th Anniversary Art Collab

2015-05-24 13:11:16 by OakaXXIII

Hey everyone, it's been awhile since I've really posted anything here!

Since uni exams have gone and went, I'm now free to start work on some collabs this summer.

First, there's the Newgrounds 20th Anniversary Art Collab, with TricycleLord. Currently they are still looking for talented artists to draw up unique figurines of NG characters for NG's biggest(and imaginary) fan! 

I'm also going to be in the latest entry of the Sketch Collab being headed up by TheMAM. Like previous years, the main aim is for multiple animators to create a short animation each in a sketched style.


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2015-11-29 22:22:46

i also took part in the NG's 20th anniversary collab!

hello, fellow collaborator!

OakaXXIII responds:



2015-12-27 11:49:32

Your animations keep getting more complex by the year! Excited to see what you'll make next.

(Updated ) OakaXXIII responds:

Thanks for having me again, I always enjoy my time on the sketch collabs!